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Dress Code

Nicaea Academy: Dress Code (For Students K5 and Up)

The Academy provides a dress code for students K5 and up. The major objective of our dress code is to help students learn to dress in clothes which are modest, neat, clean, moderate in style, and appropriate to the occasion. Please check your children’s attire: obedience to school dress code begins at home. The students are not to wear anything in disrepair, soiled, immodest, or extreme. All students will have to sign the dress code contract before starting the school year.

Nicaea Academy Dress Code Contract

Due to the correlation between appropriate attire and a positive and safe learning environment, we have established the following standards for student dress at Nicaea Academy. Student uniforms are an important part of our school image, so it is important that our students abide in our school uniform policy. I’m in need of your assistance to implement these guidelines:
  • The uniform should be neat and clean.
  • No tears or missing main buttons on the uniform.  
  • Old style Nicaea shirts should be tucked in at all times. If students want to wear a shirt under the Nicaea shirt it must be white and it must be tucked in.
  • A brown belt 
  • Khaki pants or shorts (no cargo pants/shorts are allowed)  Shorts are to no shorter than  finger tip length.  Pants should not have torn hems or rips.  Pants should not be dragging on the ground.
  • White socks (no colored/black or designs on the socks); they also must reach the ankle no unseen sock line.
  • Brown shoes-I’m not in favor of skater shoes. However, since we have several students can’t afford to get different shoes; they must keep the laces tighten.
  • Girls & Boys are to be asked not to wear excess jewelry. No large hooped jewelry are to be worn by girls.  If a boy wears jewelry a long chain (i.e. dog tag)  it must be worn on the inside of the shirt.
  • Boys must not sport facial hair. Sideburns should not be lower then the ear. Hair should not be over the collar of the shirt.
  • No tattoos are to be exposed it must be covered as well as fake tattoos.  Students should not write on themselves as well. 

Acceptable Bottoms:

Jeans, “Docker/Khaki” style pants, dress pants, Capri-length pants, shorts, skorts, and skirts are acceptable with the following conditions:
  • All “bottoms” such as pants, jeans, shorts, skorts, or skirts must be securely fastened around the waist.   
  • Are sized appropriate.
  • Are worn with a belt if they have belt loops.
  • All shorts, skorts, and skirts must be at the knee when standing (top of any slit in a skirt shall not be higher than 2” above the knee).
  • Are not so long as to drag the floor.
  • Do not have holes or rips.

Acceptable Tops:

  • All “tops”, such as shirts, waist-length sweaters, blouses, etc. must have sleeves.
  • Are sized appropriate.
  • Completely cover the underarms, abdomen, back, shoulders, midriffs, chest, and cleavage at all times while sitting or standing.
  • Writing on shirts is permitted but shall not express inappropriate or violent thoughts through words or pictures.
  • Do not have holes or rips.
  • Undergarments must be covered at all times and shall not be seen through outer garments.

Acceptable Shoes:

Students are required to participate in vigorous physical activity on a daily basis. To insure students’ safety and prevent injury, closed-toed shoes must be worn and be of a nature that they will remain securely fastened to the feet at all times.  


  • Any type of slogan or advertisement may not be attached, or worn by any student expressing inappropriate or violent thoughts through words or pictures.
  • No blankets of any kind.
  • All outerwear (jackets, coats, zip or button sweaters longer than hip-length, gloves, sunglasses, caps, hats, bandanas, or other accessories) must be removed during the school day except when students are engaged in outdoor activity.  
  • NOTE:  If a student anticipates getting chilled during the day, it is suggested a size appropriate sweater or sweatshirt be kept in the student’s locker or cubby. 

Unacceptable Dress:

  • Pajama tops and bottoms
  • House shoes or slippers
  • Clothing with tears, holes, frayed areas, or unzipped areas
  • Over-sized style pants that would give the appearance of being baggy or saggy.  No cargo pants.
  • Any item of clothing that a student must hold in place to be compliant
  • Accessories not typically worn as jewelry (Examples: long pocket chains, spikes, dog collars, combs, picks, safety pins.)
  • Any clothing/accessories, in word or image, that promotes alcohol or tobacco advertisements, illegal drug symbolism, sexual promiscuity, profane language, obscenities, vulgarities, racism, or depictions of harm or violent acts.

Dress Code: Boys

  • Designated Academy shirts with our school logo (Uniforms Unlimited).
  • Solid color Nicaea sweat-shirt’s with our logo may be worn. 
  • Nicaea shirts, pants, shorts (Khaki) only from Uniforms Unlimited (see office for details ).
  • Brown belt and white socks must be worn at all times. 
  • Brown shoes only. 
  • Brown uniform belt only. 
  • NO sandals, flip-flops, earrings, hats, sunglasses, T-shirts, sweat shirts, or sweat pants.
  • Nicaea PE uniform required (see school office)

Dress Code: Girls

  • Nicaea logo shirt, skirts, shorts or pants (Khaki) only to be purchased at Uniforms Unlimited. ( see office for details )
  • Solid color Nicaea sweat-shirt’s with our logo may be worn.
  • Brown Belt and white socks must be worn at all times. 
  • Brown shoe only. 
  • Brown uniform belt.
  • No excessive jewelry, sunglasses, hats or jackets.
  • NO sandals, flip-flops, excessive earrings, hats, sunglasses, T-shirts, sweat shirts, or sweat pants.
  • Nicaea PE uniform required (see school office)

Procedures for Non-Compliance

Students are expected to wear the clothing designated under the dress code to school daily. Failure to comply with the dress code standard will result in the following disciplinary action:

1. First Offense – student will obtain appropriate items from home. Student will not be permitted to return to class until they are compliant with the school dress code. They will receive an administrative warning and a telephone call to parents for their first offense.

2. Second Offense – students will change to appropriate attire before returning to class, and will be issued a behavior improvement plan plus a parent phone call. Time out of class will count as unexcused absence.

3. Third Offense – student will change their attire and be issued 1 day of after-school detention or in-school suspension. Time out of class to change will be unexcused. Parent conference will take place on day of third offense.

4. Additional Offenses – students will be suspended 1 day for each additional dress code violation. Student may be expelled for repeated offense.


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