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Nicaea Academy Offers a Private Elementary School Setting to Start Your Child Off On the Right Foot, Serving Fort Myers, Naples, Cape Coral, Bonita Springs, Immokalee and Surrounding Areas

Nicaea Academy | Private Elementary SchoolConsidering the condition of many of Florida’s public schools, it’s no wonder that you seek something better for your children. You know that kids need excellence in education if they are to excel once they grow up. You also know that the public schools’ decision to ignore moral teaching is not a good idea because children need this important part of life to be reinforced throughout the day.

Once your child progresses through day care and preschool onward onto the Nicaea Academy’s private elementary school, your child will receive Christian education from the excellent Beka series of texts. These texts combine academic studies with Christian values and lessons to provide a unified message that will not confuse your children or lead them astray. Students will also learn that the source of morality is God, Jesus and the Bible instead of arbitrary human proclamations. Of course, we also provide a solid understanding of the academic subjects expected in an elementary school.

Nicaea Academy Private Elementary School Offers:

  • A unified Christian message

  • Christian texts

  • Excellent academic education

  • A solid moral foundation

  • Education from day care and pre-K level through elementary, middle and our high school

Once your child graduates from our private elementary school, he or she will not have to be thrust into another institution’s culture. We also have a Christian high school, so students can simply move upward in the same cultural environment they are used to within our college preparatory curriculum. This helps provide a strong Christian foundation that will help students for their entire lives.

The Nicaea Academy private elementary school serves the areas of Naples, Fort Myers, Immokalee, Bonita Springs and Cape Coral. It is an excellent alternative to both public schools and other private institutions. Contact us to schedule an appointment to learn more about our educational programs, see our campuses or enroll your children today.