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Nicaea Academy: Tuition

We’d like to commend you on your decision to seek Christian education for your children. Because we understand the personal and financial sacrifice involved, we have striven to carefully develop an affordable and easy payment plan. Our mission is to provide all students an opportunity to have access to a high quality Christian education, and to continue to expand our ministry by serving the educational and spiritual needs of the community.  There are 6 different scholarship available.  Please schedule a time to speak with one of our tuition experts to see which one works for your family.

Explanation of Fees


New Student


International Student




A Registration Fee is due upon enrollment. This non-refundable fee reserves space for the next school year and provides for student insurance, administrative cost, bookkeeping, and provision of the school’s informative quarterly newsletter.

Per Family Maximum




K – 12th


International Students

Alternative Pathways to Education (HS Students)




  • Pre-School: $155.00 per week, per child. For children not yet toilet trained, add $10.00 per week.  Please call for nursery or one year old weekly prices.


  • Annual Tuition 2013 – 2014    K – 12:  $6,500 to 6,900    

  • Alternative Pathways to Education (See school Office)

  • Call school office for more information.  

    ESE Students  $13,000