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Nicaea Academy Mission Statement – The Best Independent Christian School – serving Naples, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, and Bonita Springs since 1996!

In the year 325, Constantine called a general Council in order to settle a long-standing and bitter dispute among religious leaders concerning Christ’s deity. While some schools of thought held that Christ was God’s highest created being, but not of the same essence or being as the Father, others held that the value of Christ’s saving work depends entirely upon what kind of person He is. Man’s condition is so utterly hopeless that he cannot save himself; only God can save him.

More than 300 bishops met in the City of Nicaea, a small town in Asia Minor off the shores of the Bosporus, some 45 miles from Constantinople, to settle the dispute.The result of outcome of the proceedings of the Council of Nicaea is the Nicene Creed, the first ever written creed of the Church. In this creed, the Church confesses that Christ is very God of very God, begotten, not created; co-substantial with the Father (of the same essence and being as the Father).

Thus the Church confessed its belief in the most fundamental article of the Christian faith; the deity of Christ. Ever since Nicaea, this has been the faith of all Christians. Nicaea Academy is founded upon the Nicene Creed, Westminster confession of faith.

The vision and mission of Nicaea Academy is to make disciples of Christ and to honor God in all things.  To follow II Timothy 3: 15-17, Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”  We believe that to train means to dedicate a child to the way of his individually and vocation under God.  Nicaea Academy endeavors to provide a child with the opportunity to find his aptitudes and calling and to develop himself in the terms of them.  A student who comes to know his aptitudes and is disciplined in the use of them is clearly prepared for dominion over himself and over the world.

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